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To place pictures online at www.AudioFotos.de, you must follow these rules:

§1 For images that infringe the rights of third parties, we assume no liability. The IP of the user is stored with each upload. The user himself is responsible

§2 Your free image-hosting-service reserves the right to remove any image without to give a reason. This includes primarily images that are anti-semitic, racist, which violate copyrights, violate the law or other rights! Violation of these rules leads to exclusion.

§3 All uploaded images are copyrighted by their respective owners!

§4 The uploader must have the necessary rights and the permission to publish the picture. / photo.

§5 We reserve the right to exclude users from uploading images, which abuse the service.

§6 Uploaded images have to conform with the topic of Audio. This includes for example:

    • Amplifiers, players, mixers, and other audio/video-devices from FOH, studio, living room and similarly.
    • Loudspeaker-boxes, systems, and parts from those.
    • Loudspeaker-chassis with components and accessories.
    • All things relating to DIY, from wood and paint, over tools, to the hardware and other parts.
    • Event-pictures, from a small privateparty to the point of a huge live-concert or trade show.
    • You have to decide, wich pictures are matching the topic.

Pictures which are not conform to the topic, will be deleted without any warning or massaging.
Members are requested to report those pictures!